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Sealand Transport: Liquid Chemical Transport

Service details

Liquid Chemical Transport

Sealand Transport provides transport services for liquid chemical products throughout Europe, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Thanks to our experience, the product base that we are able to transport is very large, starting with the simple products such as technical glycerine or base oils through latexes, polyols, dispersions ending with dangerous products such as acids, phenols, solvents and xylenes

Service characteristics:

For the transportation we use tankers and tank containers on chassis with capacities from 26,000 to 37,000 liters, both one- and multicompartement tanks. The transport units are equipped with specialized oil-free compressors for product unloading as well as heating systems allowing transport of products at high temperatures. To ensure the highest level of service quality, our transport units consist of trucks branded by Mercedes and tank trailers branded by LAG.

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