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Sealand Transport: Liquid Foodstuff Transport

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Liquid foodstuff transport

Being aware of the importance of the quality of transport services in the food industry, Sealand Transport pays particular attention to the technical condition of the equipment used for transporting foodstuff. The most modern transport units with capacities ranging from 26,000 to 32,500 liters, one and three-compartement tanks, are used to provide services. The transport units are equipped with compressors, electric or hydraulic pumps for unloading and heating systems to maintain the temperature of high temperatured products.


Service characteristics:

Sealand Transport provides services in Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The products transported by the our company include food glycerol, juices, concentrates and fruit pulp, cooking oils, chocolates, cocoa mass, glucose, molasses and dairy products such as milk, cream or whey. We would also like to point out that at the client’s special request, Sealand Transport adapts transport to the requirements of kosher, halal and HCCP.

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